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Priyank Gandhi is currently Assistant Professor of Finance at Rutgers Business School. Before joining Rutgers, Priyank Gandhi was with the University of Notre Dame's Mendoza College of Business. He obtained his Ph.D. in Finance from UCLA's Anderson School of Management. Priyank served as a manager at the Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation (HSBC) in India and also has been a consultant to investment banks and real estate firms.  


His research has been presented in seminars (including presentations by co-authors) at the University of Chicago, NYU, Harvard, Emory University, University of Rochester, DePaul University, and other leading business schools.

Priyank's research has also appeared in leading academic journals including the Journal of Financial Economics and the Journal of Finance. His work has been quoted in the Wall Street Journal, Germany's leading newspaper (Handelsblatt). Harvard Law Review Blog, and VoxEU. 

Education & Training


Ph.D, Finance

University of California, Los Angeles


Masters in Financial Engineering

University of California, Berkeley


Masters in Business Administration

MDI Gurgaon, India


Bachelor in Electrical Engineering

Bangalore University


Research Interests

Financial intermediation

Topics: Bank diversification, Bank valuation

Regulation of financial markets and banks

Topics: Too-big-to-fail, Dodd-Frank Law, Bank regulation

Fixed income markets

Topics: Credit default swaps, Interest rate options, Effect of taxes on asset values

Financial market misconduct

Topics: Manipulation, Ethics codes

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